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Taekwindow is a simple, lightweight and free Windows program that allows you to move and resize windows by dragging them with the Alt key, similar to many X11 window managers.
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doc Put Softoxi in the release schedule. Added a todo item.
graphics Stripped metadata from PNG files.
package Several fixes to the website.
research Made the testapp compile again.
src Made some POINT parameters into const references.
website Wareseeker dude annoys me. Remove their logo.
.gitignore Ignore files that were ignored in svn.
common.vcproj Ported version.xslt to version.h.xslt.
doc2html.xslt Several fixes to the website.
meta.xml Split up information.xml.
meta.xslt Ported version.xslt to version.h.xslt.
metadata.rules Removed needless parameters from build rule.
root.xml Ported version.xslt to version.h.xslt.
taekwindow.sln Made everything build again.
version.xml Removed bloated uncompressed 48x48 icon. Deleted needless graphics fi…
version.xslt Ported version.xslt to version.h.xslt.
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