UAC interferes with Taekwindow for elevated programs #88

ttencate opened this Issue Mar 13, 2011 · 1 comment

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Converted from SourceForge issue 2932050, submitted by kire456

It's not possible to manipulate windows of programs started in "elevated mode", when UAC is on (in Win7, and probably Vista as well). This is a feature seen from UAC's point of view, but not from mine :)
It could be fixed by running Taekwindow as a scheduled task when the user logs on. A task can be set to always run in elevated mode, without generating the usual barrage of prompts that would normally be triggered when trying to run anything as administrator. Could you make this configuration an option in the Preferences dialog?


For AltDrag, I have solved this by making AltDrag elevate on start if it is passed a command line argument, as I have judged the task scheduler to be unpredictable. The only thing that you gain with the task scheduler is that the user is not bugged about UAC. However, new versions of Process Explorer use the task scheduler, so maybe it's worth trying.

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