Feature: Scroll wheel + modifier = horizontal scrolling #92

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ttencate commented Mar 13, 2011

Converted from SourceForge issue 2955927, submitted by joshuawood


Would it be very hard to add a new option that allows for a user defined modifier key. When set, while this key is held down and the vertical mouse wheel is scrolled, it will in fact register as a horizontal scroll?

So something like the win key would be good. Ctrl and Alt are often used with the wheel for other things. But that's why it's important to make the modifier key user definable, and should be able to accommodate multiple keys such as ctrl+shift+alt.

When the horizontal scrolling is triggered, it should of course happen as per the scroll setting: Either where the current mouse cursor is, or the focused window, as per the user setting.



ttencate commented Mar 13, 2011

Submitted by wanderer51

It would be a nice addition. There are mice with horizontal movement of the mousewheel (mousewheel button can be clicked down, to the left and to the right for horizontal scrolling) but i older apps may not support this.

Mondane commented Feb 7, 2012

When you implement this feature, consider the default modifier key to be SHIFT as this is the one used on linux for horizontal scrolling.

Info: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7828121/shift-mouse-wheel-horizontal-scrolling

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