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@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ To install these packages on a Debian system, or a Debian based system like Ubun
While the version of rubygems available from the repositories on Debian 5.0.5 stable will work just fine for using the command line `ti` program, using `ticgitweb` requires some extra effort.
Older versions of rubygems, such as the one available on Debian 5.0.5, will not work out of the box with the new gem repositories because the .deb in stable relies on rubyforge rather than rubygems for its operations. See [this bug]( for an example. If you are running an older version of rubygems, you may need to get the latest rubygems package from or [apt]( [pinning]( before being able to properly install the git and ticgit gems.
-**A Note about the git gem**
+**A Note About The Git Gem**
The git gem requires a git version of or later, but on Debian stable, git-core is currently (Sept 6th 2010) at This isn't a fatal problem and we can continue using version with the git gem, but you will see notices like this if you do
@@ -64,8 +64,11 @@ If these annoy you as they do me and you've set up [apt](
And those notices should go away.
+**A Note About Coloured Git Output**
+If you use `[color] ui = always` instead of `[color] ui = true` then you will encounter a problem with the deprecated git gem parsing the color codes. Because it doesn't strip the color codes before parsing the output, it chokes and makes everything explode.
+Since time spent working on monkeypatching the git gem would soon be rendered fruitless by the eventual planned upgrade away from it, for the time being the suggested solution is to use `[color] ui = true`.
### Installing ##
Installation on a Debian stable system. Note that the command line interface for TicGit-ng can be run from Debian stable, but some of the gems required for the web interface may require you to use [apt]( [pinning]( to run without errors. See below
@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
module TicGitNG
- VERSION = ''
+ VERSION = ''

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