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Ghost In The Shell Facial Detection
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Ghost In The Shell Facial Detection


The point of this project was to be able to take a live video feed and draw the Ghost in the Shell "Laughing Man" image over every detected face. It was done as a fun way to get more familiar with both Python and OpenCV.

For context on the Ghost in the Shell laughing man, I highly recommend watching the source material. Otherwise, you can see the specific scene here, or read a bit more information here

Additionally, I wrote a blog post explaining everything this code does! You can check it out here.

Current Progress

Currently, it can detect faces in still images (provided via command line argument) and draw the laughing man over them. Success!

The current To-Do list is as follows:

  • Implement reading frames from a webcam instead of a single still image
  • Possibly change the cascade to detect heads, rather than faces? It may be more accurate that way, and could cover someone who is turned around.

Image Comparison

Below you can find the test image and result image from the current version of GITS-Detect.

Test Image

Result Image

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