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How to Contribute to K9

K9 uses Gradle as its build tool, and as such, requires very little work to set up.

Simply clone the git repository, and run your IDE task of choice, i.e. gradlew eclipse or gradlew idea, or install a Gradle plugin for your IDE. Then import the project.

HELP! My code is full of errors!

This project uses Lombok, and requires some special IDE setup. Their website has install guides for most common IDEs:

Style Guide

I'm not too picky over code style, but I would like PRs to be consistent with the current code base. The basic rules to follow are:

  • SPACES for indents
  • Same-line braces (egyptian style)

Nullness Annotations

I try to keep this project free of most/all warnings, and this includes nullability warnings. Please enable these in your IDE of choice, and use @Nonnull/@Nullable/@DefaultNonNull liberally. Most of the existing code already has these annotations, and the warnings will prevent you breaking its contracts.