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Currently active maintainers
Elijah Newren
Email: newren gmail com
Userid: newren
- Usually won't touch the theme bugs (isn't interested) or the
compositor (until open source nvidia drivers are up to snuff).
Tends to be most interested in libwnck/gtk interactions, focus
issues, constraints problems, and raising/stacking, but works on
just about anything other than themes and the compositor.
Thomas Thurman
Email: thomas thurman org uk
Userid: tthurman
- Responsible for all theme bugs and the compositor (thank goodness
Thomas got involved, eh?). I'm sure he'll replace this sentence
with his interests when he reads it. ;-)
Semi-active maintainers
Havoc Pennington
Email: hp redhat com
Userid: hp
- Original author. Doesn't patch metacity anymore, but is active in
answering questions, responding to bugs, providing very helpful
suggestions and insight, and even assisting with debugging.
Important historical figureheads
Rob Adams (readams readams net)
- Was the main maintainer of metacity for a while; particular areas
of focus included xinerama, placement, and an older version of the
constraints code. Still responds to bugs every once in a while.
Søren Sandmann (sandmann redhat com)
- Wrote most of the current compositing manager code + libcm