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This is a set of plugins for various free desktop programs
which add the ability to post to

The src directory contains:

   The back end to everything else.  This provides a DBus
   service, com.imgur, which allows upload of arbitrary
   images to the web.

   A simple command-line interface to the DBus back end.

   An Eye of Gnome (eog) plugin.

   A Maemo libsharing plugin.

If you are compiling under Maemo, then by default the
eog plugin is not built and the libsharing plugin
is built. If you are not compiling under Maemo, then
by default the eog plugin is built and the libsharing
plugin is not built.

There is much more information on the wiki, which is at

There used to be a TODO section in this file, but it has
been replaced by an issue tracker. You may find it at
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