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fssm 0.2.8 builds native extension in wrong place #37

codekitchen opened this Issue Jan 5, 2012 · 2 comments

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when installing fssm using bundler with the --path option, the native extension is not being built in the specified path. For instance, our rails app is in


and we invoke bundler like so:

bundle install --path /var/web/rails/vendor/bundle

however, fssm 0.2.8 still attempts to build the native gem into the system ruby path, which the user running bundle install doesn't have write access to, so the install fails. We've worked around this for now, by pinning fssm to 0.2.7 in our Gemfile, since 0.2.7 doesn't have this issue.

ttilley commented Jan 6, 2012

well shit. I guess that does it, eh? I knew the ext-based post-install installer was either an elegant solution or a hack. Hack it is then. If it's not working in all scenarios it needs to go. -_-

@ttilley ttilley added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 6, 2012
@ttilley issue #37 prevents this from being generally usable. le sigh. back to…
… the drawing board.
ttilley commented Jan 6, 2012

post-install installation of platform specific dependencies has been disabled. oh well.

@ttilley ttilley closed this Jan 6, 2012
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