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Rails Dojo Helpers

This plugin is not even close to complete and functionality is being fleshed out as I use it, or as members of my team need it. If you would like to fork this project and contribute, I would be -ecstatic-. ^_^

Default Options and Behavior

All helpers attempt to be sane in regards to default options, and determining when certain defaults are appropriate. This should hopefully make things easier for people unfamiliar with, or still learning, the dojo framework. These "defaults" include using dojox.dijit.ContentPane instead of the version in dijit proper due to how common it is to need script and style parsing.


  • Any dijit with an id set will also have jsId set to the same value. This will create a global javascript variable with the same name as the ID that references the widget. This can be disabled by setting option 'global' to false.

  • By default, all helpers that don't make most sense with another tag will be contained by a div. This can be changed with option 'tag'.

Form Fields

  • The form helpers will attempt to set alt and title to something sane where possible, if they are not already set.

  • All fields will scroll on focus so that they are not outside the viewport when tabbed to.

  • intermediateChanges defaults to true.

Text Fields

  • If a field is required, or the 'validation' option is set, a ValidationTextBox will be used in place of a TextBox widget and the prompt message will default to the element's title (which should also default to the capitalized name of the field when used in scoped helpers).

  • Text fields are automatically trimmed for whitespace.

Form Helpers

Since my first real use of the helpers is for forms, I have first implemented rails-compatible form helpers. This includes bare versions, as well as scoped versions for use within a form_for or fields_for block.

  • dijit_form_for

  • dijit_text_field

  • dijit_password_field

  • dijit_text_area

  • dijit_check_box

  • dijit_check_box_tag

  • dijit_select

  • dijit_button

  • dijit_submit_button

  • dijit_reset_button