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The Things Network: iC880a-based gateway

Reference setup for The Things Network gateways based on the iC880a USB concentrator with a Raspberry Pi host.

This installer targets the USB version of the board, if you have the SPI version, check this branch.

Setup based on Raspbian image

  • Download Raspbian Jessie Lite

  • Follow the installation instruction to create the SD card

  • Start your RPi connected to Ethernet

  • Plug the iC880a (WARNING: first power plug to the wall socket, then to the gateway DC jack, and ONLY THEN USB to RPi!)

  • From a computer in the same LAN, ssh into the RPi using the default hostname:

      local $ ssh pi@raspberrypi.local
  • Default password of a plain-vanilla RASPBIAN install for user pi is raspberry

  • Use raspi-config utility to expand the filesystem (1 Expand filesystem):

      $ sudo raspi-config
  • Reboot

  • Configure locales and time zone:

      $ sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales
      $ sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
  • Make sure you have an updated installation and install git:

      $ sudo apt-get update
      $ sudo apt-get upgrade
      $ sudo apt-get install git
  • Create new user for TTN and add it to sudoers

      $ sudo adduser ttn 
      $ sudo adduser ttn sudo
  • To prevent the system asking root password regularly, add TTN user in sudoers file

      $ sudo visudo

Add the line ttn ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL

⚠️ Beware this allows a connected console with the ttn user to issue any commands on your system, without any password control. This step is completely optional and remains your decision.

  • Logout and login as ttn and remove the default pi user

      $ sudo userdel -rf pi
  • Configure the wifi credentials (check here for additional details)

      $ sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf 

And add the following block at the end of the file, replacing SSID and password to match your network:

  • Clone the installer and start the installation

      $ git clone ~/ic880a-gateway
      $ cd ~/ic880a-gateway
      $ sudo ./
  • If you want to use the remote configuration option, please make sure you have created a JSON file named as your gateway EUI (e.g. B827EBFFFE7B80CD.json) in the Gateway Remote Config repository.

  • Big Success! You should now have a running gateway in front of you!


These scripts are largely based on the awesome work by Ruud Vlaming on the Lorank8 installer.


Reference setup for iC880a gateways running The Things Network







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