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TTNC APIs Official Python Client
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#TTNC's Python API Client

A simple Python library that handles connection, authentication, requests and parsing of responses to and from TTNC's API. For more information on TTNC's API visit TTNC's main API page

A list of function requests available via the API can be found in the documentation


  • An account with TTNC.
  • A VKey (Application) created via myTTNC.


The API can be constructed as follows;

	api = TTNCApi('<username>', '<password>', '<vkey>')

Requests can then be 'spooled' in the object until the makerequests method is called. While not required, each request should be given an ID which can be used to retrieve the response later on;

	request = api.newrequest('NoveroNumbers', 'ListNumbers', 'Request1')

Basic Usage

	api = TTNCApi('<username>', '<password>', '<vkey>')
	request = api.newrequest('NoveroNumbers', 'ListNumbers', 'Request1')
	p request.getresponse()

In order to send data in a request - the setdata method can be called on the Request object;

	api = TTNCApi('<username>', '<password>', '<vkey>')
	request = api.newrequest('NoveroNumbers', 'SetDestination', 'Request1')
	request.setdata('Number', '02031511000')
	request.setdata('Destination', '07512312312')
	p request.getresponse()

Parsing Responses

The response can be retrieved from the request object after makerequests has been called.

	p request.getresponse()

Alternatively, you can retrieve the response from the response from the API based on the ID passed to the request;

	p api.getresponsefromid('Request1')

Advanced Usage

The client deals automatically with the Auth requests for you, however, in order to perform some more advanced actions on the API (such as ordering numbers via the AddToBasket request) you may need to save the session state between script executions. In order to do this it's necessary to access the SessionRequest Response and retrieve the returned SessionId. This can then be stored in your own code for use on the next request;

	api = TTNCApi('<username>', '<password>', '<vkey>')
    request = api.newrequest('Order', 'AddToBasket', 'Request1Id');
    request.setdata('number', '02031231231');
    request.setdata('type', 'number');
    response = api.getresponsefromid('SessionRequest');

	# Store response['SessionId'] in your own code.

Then on repeat requests, to retrieve the same basket you can construct the object without authentication and then parse in the SessionId to use on Requests;

    api = TTNCApi();
    api.usesession(sessionId) # From the previous request, stored in your own code.
    request = api.newrequest('Order', 'ViewBasket', 'Request1Id');
    response = request.getresponse()
    # Response now contains a representation of your basket.

Getting Support

If you have any questions or support queries then first please read the Developers Site and then email

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