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A simple landing page built with 11ty and Tailwind CSS.

Port of the Hugo Version

How to use this template


  1. Eleventy (developed and tested with version 0.12.1)
  2. Tailwind CSS

All other dependencies are either linked from a CDN or included in this repository.


  1. Fork, clone or download
  2. cd into the root folder
  3. run npm install
  4. run npm run serve
  5. open a browser and go to http://localhost:8080

Basic configuration:

  1. Eleventy -> ./.eleventy.js
  2. Tailwind -> ./tailwind.config.js
  3. Netlify -> ./netlify.toml

CSS is built via PostCSS and based on ./src/_includes/css/_page.css. Building CSS gets triggered by ./src/css/page.11ty.js and Tailwind's config is set to JIT (see: Tailwind docs)

Please note that this CSS build does not include the normalize.css file used for the 2 regular pages (imprint, privacy) - a minified production version is stored in ./src/static/css and gets included in the build by default.

Change Content:

Page content is stored in

  • ./src/
  • ./src/sections/
  • ./src/_data/features.json

Change Templates/Layout:

Page structure and templates are stored in ./src/_layouts/ and can be edited there.

Best have a look at ./layouts/base.njk first to understand how it all comes together - the page itself is constructed from partial templates stored in ./src/includes/ and each section has a corresponding template file (section.**.njk) stored there.

index.njk in ./src/ arranges everything, meaning that sections can be added/re-ordered/removed/... there.

Change images:

Images are stored in ./static/img/; everything in there can be considered a placeholder that should eventually be replaced with your actual production images.