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A very simple boilerplate for Hugo sites based on Tailwind CSS.

gulp handles Tailwind CSS builds via postcss with 2 tasks called dev-css and build-css.

There's 2 npm scripts defined that make use of these tasks:

  1. start
  2. deploy

start is meant for local development (and the whole power of Tailwind CSS + autocomplete classes), deploy will build the site into ./public (using hugo --minify), ready for deployment.

This boilerplate provides the default Tailwind CSS configuration file tailwind.config.js. This file is set up to automatically purge unused styles based on the folders ./content and ./layouts if NODE_ENV=production.

Check the Tailwind CSS docs for details on Tailwind's purge functionality.

The Hugo setup is basic at best; should be enough to build upon though. See layouts/_default/baseof.html to get an idea what the default template looks like.

PS: some folders are filled with placeholder txt files; provides a better directory structure when downloading/forking this repository.


In order to work with this repository, only 2 things are required:

  • Hugo
  • node/npm

If that's set up, then all you need is to get the repository, run npm install and then npm run start. Go to localhost:1313 and you should see a one-page demo site you can start working with in your browser.