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Let's try making a gnuradio tap with Qt support.
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This is a collection of Homebrew formulas that makes it easier get gnuradio-companion or GNURadio with GUI from source running on OS X.


These steps have been tested on macOS Sierra (10.12).


This formula is depend on tap cartr/qt4 and should be taped before installation.

$ brew tap cartr/qt4
$ brew tap ttrftech/gnuradio
$ brew install ttrftech/gnuradio/gnuradio --with-qt


$ brew install librtlsdr (optional)
$ brew install libbladerf (optional)
$ brew install SoapySDR (optional)
$ brew install airspy (optional)
$ brew install hackrf (optional)
$ brew install ttrftech/gnuradio/gr-osmosdr

ADALM-Pluto(ADI IIO) support

$ brew install ttrftech/gnuradio/gr-osmosdr --with-iio


$ brew install ttrftech/gnuradio/gr-iqbal


GNURadio formula is based on rixon's one[1], which is derived from Homebrew's formula[2], and merging in some customizations from other formulas, like from Titanous[3] and Metacollin[4].

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