Advance education resource for TTRobotix RoboHero.
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RoboHero Advance Resource

Advance education resource for TTRobotix RoboHero. include:.

  • Arduino Compatible
  • Scratch
  • Http API


Arduino Compatible

Follow these steps you can programming your RoboHero By Arduino IDE.

How To Programming RoboHero By Arduino:


Control RoboHero via MIT education programming language: Scratch. Screen shot of Scratch Plugin

How To Control RoboHero Scratch Plugin page:


Control RoboHero with HTTP API

RoboHero address is default, if you disable Wifi ap mode (see Arduino for more information), your address will be http://robohero.local/ .

Running Motion embed in RoboHero:
Motion pm
Stand 99
Forward 1
Backward 2
MoveLeft 5
MoveRight 6
TurnLeft 3
TurnRight 4
Stand UP 11
Get UP 12

Running Advance Motion embed in RoboHero:
Motion pms
Bow 1
Pass 2
Strength 3
Attention 4
Balance 5
Warm-Up 6
Clap 7
Pray 8
Dance 9

Running a embed motion in RoboHero will block http service until motion is done.

Control Single Servo
Params Description
servo the index of servo 0 ~ 15
value the degree of servo 0 ~ 270, take care of servo may block each other
Params Description
gpid head servo connect at gpio 12, note it's 'gpid' not 'gpio'
value the degree of servo 0 ~ 270, take care of servo may block each other

Motion Data

RoboHero's motion data is a JSON text, echo motion has multiple frame-array, each frame has 17 servo and 1 running time (in ms). You can generator share link from app, share to your Facebook or Friend.

motion data Sample:

	 name: "test motion",
	 motion: [

open from phone and you can import this motion to your app from url.

Control By Single Frame

App execute motion thought this api, send first frame and wait for t1, and send second frame ... until last frame.

Params Description
m0 Servo 0 degree, left leg
m1 Servo 1 degree, left leg
m2 Servo 2 degree, left leg
m3 Servo 3 degree, left leg
m4 Servo 4 degree, left leg
m5 Servo 5 degree, left hand
m6 Servo 6 degree, left hand
m7 Servo 7 degree, left hand
m8 Servo 8 degree, right hand
m9 Servo 9 degree, right hand
m10 Servo 10 degree, right hand
m11 Servo 11 degree, right leg
m12 Servo 12 degree, right leg
m13 Servo 13 degree, right leg
m14 Servo 14 degree, right leg
m15 Servo 15 degree, right leg
m16 Servo 16 degree, head
t1 Frame running time in ms

Servo index reference: Screen of Servo Index