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TTRobotix RoboHero Blockly Support

With this plug you can control your RoboHero with Google Blockly.

RoboHero Blockly


You can select language with select on the top-right, and click 'Change'.

How To Use RoboHero Blockly

  1. Connect to Internet and open http://api.ttrobotix.com/blockly/demos/robohero/index.html?lang=en .

  2. Connect to RoboHero's Wifi Connect your PC to RoboHero's Wifi AP, your RoboHero's IP will be "", or you can enable the wifi client mode, your RoboHero's ip will be "http://robohero.local/" ( see Arduino for more information).

  3. Switch to RoboHero Category, you will see the RoboHero blocks.

  1. Using 'RoboHero Url' to set the ip you used. You must use this block first.


Run Blocks:

Press 'Run' Button to execute your code.


You can press Undo/Redo when you edit blocks.

Save/Load Blocks:

Press save to save the blocks in XML, press open to load project.

Preview :

You can get RoboHero Movement Preview in 3D.

Remove All Block:

Press this button to remove all block in the workspace.

Change Language:

Support Multipal Language, select your language and press Change, new language will open in new window, bookmark your new link.

for example: English: http://api.ttrobotix.com/blockly/demos/robohero/index.html?lang=en .
zh-tw: http://api.ttrobotix.com/blockly/demos/robohero/index.html?lang=zh-hant .
Japan: http://api.ttrobotix.com/blockly/demos/robohero/index.html?lang=jp .

if the language is not changed, press Refresh to reload.

RoboHero Blocks

  1. RoboHero URL: Set RoboHero's url/address. You must use this block first.

  2. Normal Motion、Sport Motion、Dance Motion: you can run different motion on RoboHero.

  3. Execute Motion(JSON): You can run motion from RoboHero App's Motion Editor press Share in the Motion-Editor Copy the url from Share function

Open the Url from app, copy the motion json here.

  1. Execute Frame: you can set RoboHero 17 servo with by single Frame in ms.

Servo index reference: Screen of Servo Index

Google Blockly: