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TTRobotix RoboHero Scratch Plug (Under construction)

With this plug you can control your RoboHero by Scratch.

RoboHero Scratch

You can start Scratch with RoboHero.

How To Use Scratch with RoboHero

  1. Connect to Internet and open http://scratchx.org/?url=https://ttrobotix.github.io/RoboHero/Scratch/robohero.js#scratch .

  2. Connect to RoboHero's Wifi Connect your PC to RoboHero's Wifi AP, your RoboHero's IP will be "", or you can enable the wifi client mode, your RoboHero's ip will be "http://robohero.local/" ( see Arduino for more information).

  3. Switch to More Blocks, you will see the RoboHero blocks.

  1. Open RoboHero Scratch Plug page, you will see the light behind the plug:

green: found RoboHero
yellow: search for RoboHero

Using 'RoboHero Address' to set the ip you used , or "FindRoboHero", which will find your RoboHero in local network.

  1. if the light turn green you can control RoboHero with Scratch now!


Drag "When Green-Flag Click",set up First, you can set wait or for-loop with a AdvanceMotion .

there are many Motions in AdvanceMotion:

Drag "When direction key pressd" with four directions or motions, or .

Done. you can control your RoboHero with keyboard now.

More about this Plug:


Native scratch have no HTTP functions, Scratch X is a modified for JavaScript Plug.

How to save/load Project:

Press the Save Project from the Top-Right 'Save Project' to save sbx with plug.


if the RoboHero block in "undefined" please click "Load Experimental Extension" and input url: "https://ttrobotix.github.io/RoboHero/Scratch/robohero.js", the undefined block will working again.