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Improved QuickLook generator for MultiMarkdown files
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MultiMarkdown QuickLook
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MultiMarkdown Quick Look with Style

This is a quick fork of Fletcher Penney's MMD Quicklook project. It adds some styling to the default Quick Look preview (based on GitHub CSS) and allows for customization via a .mdqlstyle.css file in your home folder.

MultiMarkdown Quicklook with Style

To install, download the zip, unarchive and place the MultiMarkdown QuickLook.qlgenerator file in ~/Library/QuickLook/. To make sure the Quick Look generator list reloads with the new file, you can run qlmanage -r on the command line.

To use a custom style, name the CSS file .mdqlstyle.css and place it in your User's home directory. Note the leading period. Default padding for the body class will be included before your styles, so you can pretty much drop in any CSS you want from any source. Use one of the provided files, copy CSS from your blog, your favorite website or build your own.

Ready-made styles

A couple of default styles lifted from

Upstanding Citizen

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