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Brett's Fish Files

A collection of configuration files and functions for the Fish shell. These would be installed in ~/.config/fish/, though I don't recommend overwriting your current setup wholesale. Pick and choose, use this repo as examples for your own exploration.

The folders

  • bash_scripts: some utilities that were too much trouble to port from Bash and work just as well run with hashbangs. They just need to be in the $PATH (some commands reference my local path, ~/scripts/fish, which will need updating).

  • completions: various completion configurations for custom commands.

  • custom: some files I source at login (from, mostly shared functions I think I need to have in memory (as opposed to autoloaded), and some aliases that don't make great functions.

  • functions: the mother lode. All of my favorite commands (and some experimental ones). Most have a description on the function declaration, so you can see it in source or by running the describe command that you'll find in this folder (which essentially runs functions -Dv, but prettier).

All the functions

  • 64enc: encode a given image file as base64 and output css background property to clipboard
  • 64font: encode a given font file as base64 and output css background property to clipboard
  • __auto_dir: if command fails see if it's a directory or local executable
  • __best_pager: Choose the best available pager (opinionated)
  • __exec_available: test if command is available
  • __human_time: Humanize a time interval for display
  • __prev_token: Get the previous token on the command line
  • __re_extension: remove extension from word under/before cursor
  • __regex_from_args: Helper to create greedy regular expression from multiple arguments
  • ack: ack defaults, ~/.ackrc for more
  • acorn: Open with optional file(completion available)
  • add_user_path: Shortcut to add a user path
  • affd: Open Affinity Designer with optional file (completion available)
  • afff: Open Affinity Photo with optional file (completion available)
  • ag: Silver Surfer defaults, smart case, ignore VCS
  • alpha: Open ImageAlpha with optional file (completion available)
  • ax: Make file executable
  • bak: move file to .bak version
  • bid: Get bundle id for app name
  • bld: Run howzit build system
  • browser: Write output to a temp HTML file and open in default browser
  • c: clear screen alias
  • calc: CLI calculator
  • cat: Use bat instead of cat unless it's a Markdown file, then use mdless
  • cbp: ClipBoard Preview
  • cdd: Choose cd dir from menu (fzf)
  • cdr: cd to a recently visited directory
  • cdt: Change dir based on TagFiler tags
  • chrome: Open Google Chrome with optional file (completion available)
  • cl: copy output of last command to clipboard
  • clip: Copy file to clipboard
  • code: Open VSCode with optional file
  • cpwd: Copy the current directory path to the clipboard
  • crush: pngcrush
  • dash: Open argument in Dash
  • ddg: search duckduckgo
  • degit: Remove all traces of git from a folder
  • describe: Show description for function
  • dirfor: get origin directory for running process
  • dman: Open man page in Dash
  • docx2mmd: Convert docx to markdown: docx2md [source] [target]
  • er: edit recent file using fasd and fzf
  • esc: Ruby cgi escape
  • eschtml: Ruby cgi HTML escape
  • extract: unarchive any file type
  • f: Open directory in Finder
  • fallback: allow a fallback value for variable
  • fish_prompt: "Bira's weird cousin" prompt
  • fisher: fish package manager
  • fix: Fix up last command with search/replace
  • flush: Flush DNS cache
  • fp: Find and list processes matching a case-insensitive fuzzy-match string
  • ft: A shortcut for mdfinding tagged items system-wide
  • fuck: Correct your previous console command
  • gc: git commit -am
  • get_ext: Get the file extension from the argument
  • getignore: Get ignore file from and save to .gitignore
  • getignores: Pull list of available .gitignore files
  • gg: Commit pending changes and quote all args as message
  • gist: gist is defunkt, use jist
  • gistp: private gist
  • gitar: Automatically add new and remove deleted files from the git index
  • gmine: Resolve git conflicts with mine
  • gsearch: Grep git commit history
  • gt: jump to top level of git repo
  • gtheirs: Resolve git conflicts with theirs
  • hs: Search, select, and exec from history
  • imdown: Test for internet connection and notify when it comes up
  • imgsize: Quickly get image dimensions from the command line
  • ip: Get external IP address
  • ips: Display all ip addresses for this host
  • istext: test if given file is plain text
  • js: lint with jslint
  • lb: Select file in LaunchBar, fall back to the current directory
  • lbash: launch bash login shell
  • lno: Print file with line numbers
  • lsgrep: Wildcard folder/file search
  • lsz: ls for inside of compressed archives
  • lt: List directory from oldest to newest
  • ltr: List directory from newest to oldest
  • mack: ack for markdown
  • mkdir: mkdir with subdirs, option to cd after creating
  • mmdc: Open MultiMarkdown Composer with optional file (completion available)
  • nope: echo "nope"
  • o: Shortcut to open an app from the command line
  • optim: Open ImageOptim with optional file (completion available)
  • pbgist: public gist from clipboard
  • pbgistp: private gist from clipboard
  • percentof: Quick calculation for sale discounts
  • percentoff: Quick calculation for sale discounts
  • pless: cat a file with pygments highlighting
  • pman: Display a man page as a PostScript PDF in
  • prev: Open Preview with optional file (completion available)
  • preview: Preview text files using fzf and bat
  • prioritize: set a numeric prefix on a file for sorting
  • r: Run Reiki via bash
  • rule: Print a horizontal rule
  • rulem: Print a horizontal rule with message
  • rvm: Ruby enVironment Manager
  • serve: Start a local server for the current directory, open in browser
  • shellesc: Ruby shellwords escape
  • shellunesc: Ruby shellwords unescape
  • shorten: Truncate every line of input to specified width
  • spell: Get spelling options from aspell
  • spellf: Get spelling options from aspell
  • src: reload config file
  • sublp: Open a Sublime Text project (completion available)
  • sum: Take a list of numbers and return the sum
  • td: [Create and] open project todo
  • tmj: For use with my tmux utility (bash_scripts/tm)
  • tower: Open Tower for directory (default CWD)
  • tp: Open TaskPaper with optional file (completion available)
  • unbak: remove bak extension
  • unesc: Ruby cgi unescape
  • up: cd to a parent folder with fuzzy matching
  • urlenc: url encode the passed string
  • watchthis: Watch for changes in the current directory and execute command
  • xc: Open Xcode with optional file (completion available)
  • yep: echo "yep"
  • yn: Simple pass/fail test for given command
  • zipup: exports a clean copy of the current git repo (master) to a zip file

I'll update these every once in a while. If you're digging through and spot a problem, a stupid mistake, or something that could just plain be done better, please add an issue and let me know!

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