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Universal system for creating plain text wiki links to nvALT notes
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Universal system for creating plain text wiki links to nvALT notes


Takes input via STDIN and/or arguments and scans for WikiLinks or [[wiki links]]. If found, it looks for a matching note based on the text, breaking CamelCase apart. If no viable match is found, it creates a new note. Any additional input passed is added to the new note. nvWikiLinker requires that your nvALT notes be stored as text files on the disk.


Be sure to edit the line near the top:

$notes_path = '~/Dropbox/nvALT2.2/'

to point to the folder where you keep your NV/nvALT notes.


The ideal way to run it is as a system service (built with Automator). Create a new Service and add the "Run shell script" action to it. Set up Service receives selected: "text" in "any application" and make sure "Output replaces selected text" is disabled. Select /usr/bin/ruby as the interpreter and paste the contents of this script into it. Set "Pass input:" to "to STDIN." Save it as "Open nvALT WikiLink" and it will be available in your Services menu (right click or application menu).

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