Spin Turntable
Eagle Arduino


Spin Turntable System

Find all the design files for building your own Spin turntable (http://spin.media.mit.edu/) here.


This folder contains the SoftModem library needed for the spin.ino Arduino sketch. The spin sketch should be uploaded to the Arduino Uno running Spin.


If you are building a turntable and have access to a laser cutter with a bed larger than 12", build the DEFAULT turntable. If you have a smaller laser cutter that cannot cut material larger than 12", build the Modified 12-inch turntable design. Both designs have the same exact footprint (13"), but the modified 12-inch turntable has smaller laser cut parts and has an additional set of three 3D printed feet.

Each contains three subfolders: 3D Print, Laser Cut, and Solidworks. Building your own Spin turntable requires laser cutting parts in 3/16" and 1/8" acrylic, which can be found in the Laser Cut folder in Illustrator, Corel Draw, and DXF formats. Additionally, you'll need to 3D print a gear (motor_gear.STL), which can be found in the 3D print folder. Optionally, you can 3D print your own iOS device dock (which can be used with an iPhone 4/5/6 or iPad/iPad mini). If you are building the modified turntable, you will also need to 3D print three feet.

You can find all the original CAD files in the Solidworks folder.


The Eagle files and libraries for the Spin shield are located here. You can purchase the shield directly from OSH Park: https://oshpark.com/profiles/scientiffic


This is an optional Processing sketch for controlling the Spin turntable with your computer via a USB connection to the Uno. You can use this to debug your turntable or to just control it without using an iOS device.