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My optimistic - yet unexpectedly successful - attempt to create a LEON3 inside my FPGA board (ZestSC1)
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ghdl @ e138506

Running a grlib-gpl Leon3 inside my ZestSC1

This repo contains my (unexpectedly) successful creation of a LEON3 inside my ZestSC1 FPGA board. The work was based on the GPL version of Gaisler's GRLIB, and was performed in one week: from the weekend of March 2nd 2019, and all through the four evenings that followed it (after work).

Finally, in the evening of March 7th I proudly saw my board respond to GRMON3:

Video of victory

I also kept a complete log of the attempt as I was going, here.

So... I "compiled" my own CPU! Another "magic thing" demystified :-)

And since I begun learning the ropes 30 years ago on a SPARCstation running at 40MHz... the emotional high of "compiling my own SPARC" in my FPGA was, well, priceless :-)

Hats off to the Gaisler people; for making things so easy that even a complete newbie (HW-wise) like me, can actually put the pieces together.

UPDATE: Here's the complete log of the execution of the Dhrystone 2.1 benchmark in my Leon3; a benchmark that I barely managed to squeeze in my puny 16KB of BlockRAM :-)

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