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Copyright 2008, 2009 Free Software Foundation.
See COPYING for details.
Patent Laws
The use of this software to provide GSM services may result in the use of
patented technologies. The user of this software is required to take whatever
actions are necessary to avoid patent infringement.
"OpenBTS" is a registered trademark of Kestrel Signal Processing, Inc. (KSP), a
California corporation. KSP reserves the right to control the use of this
trademark. Do not use this trademark in commerce without permission.
Telecom and Radio Spectrum Laws
The primary function of OpenBTS is the provision of telecommunications service
over a radio link. This activity is heavily regulated nearly everywhere in
the world. Users of this software are expected to comply with local and national
regulations in the jurisdictions where this sortware is used with radio equipment.
Legal Summary
The user of this software is expected to comply with all applicable laws and
regulations, including patent laws, copyright laws, and telecommunications
The legal restrictions listed here are not necessarily exhaustive.
Software Licensing
OpenBTS itself is distributed publicly under GPLv3. KSP reserves the right to
distribute it under other licenses as well.
GPLv3 releases of OpenBTS use the following GPL components that must be licensed,
removed or replaced for non-GPL distributions:
libosip2, liportp2
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