Houdini HDK SOP node which loads Shapefile SHP files.
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Houdini HDK SOP node which loads Shapefile SHP files using Shapefile C Library.

More info

Binaries, Houdini 16.0


  • Tested on Windows and Houdini 16.0.
    • You would have to patch CMake file to get this building on Linux.
  • Define HOUDINI_VERSION env variable to be the version of Houdini 16.0 you wish to build against (for example "16.0.557").
  • Alternatively, you can have HFS env variable defined (set when you source houdini_setup).
  • Generate build files from CMake for your favorite build system. For Windows builds use MSVC 2015.
  • Build the SOP Houdini dso (SOP_Shapefile.dylib or SOP_Shapefile.dll).
  • Place the dso in the appropriate Houdini dso folder.
    • On OS X this would be /Users/your_username/Library/Preferences/houdini/16.0/dso/
    • On Windows this would be C:\Users\your_username\Documents\houdini16.0\dso
    • Or $HOUDINI_PATH/dso


  • Place the SOP into your SOP network.
  • Chose .shp file to load and create geometry from.

License for the plugin

  • Copyright Mykola Konyk, 2017
  • Distributed under the MS-RL License.
  • To further explain the license:
    • You cannot re-license any files in this project.
    • That is, they must remain under the MS-RL license.
    • Any other files you add to this project can be under any license you want.
    • You cannot use any of this code in a GPL project.
    • Otherwise you are free to do pretty much anything you want with this code.

License for Shapefile C Library