Commits on Jun 6, 2012
  1. Migrate instance_metadata to use a uuid to refer to instances.

    mikalstill committed Jun 5, 2012
    Continued work on blueprint finish-uuid-conversion.
    Change-Id: I64302d0abb2e734422e6b0fee8f12e90f4ce711a
Commits on Jun 5, 2012
  1. Adds `disabled` field for instance-types.

    rconradharris committed May 29, 2012
    The `disabled` field is intended to be used when phasing out
    instance-types. In this case, a delete wouldn't work because the
    instance-type needs to still be available for live instances using that
    type, but we don't want to allow *new* instances created from that type.
    In addition, we don't want to list hidden instance-types for regular
    users, but we *do* want to list them for admin-users to ensure they have
    a complete view of what's going on in the system.
    Once all references to the phased-out instance-type have been dropped,
    it would be safe to mark the instance-type as `deleted=True`.
    Change-Id: I2af1c027f4d8114aee31353007dfdd3d0bb679ed
  2. More meaningful help messages for libvirt migration options

    fghaas committed Jun 5, 2012
    Change-Id: I08f4724a7ef664cfebba57c5c9495494853289a8
  3. fix the instance quota overlimit message

    Pádraig Brady committed Jun 5, 2012
    This addresses two closely related bugs.
    Bug: 998199
    Fix the "used" and "total" counts
    in the returned diagnostic.
    Bug: 902218
    Itemize instance quota items exceeded,
    in the returned diagnostic.
    Change-Id: Iff7781a7fb53545d44c2b4ec0ca6d65114723c8d
  4. fix bug lp:1009041,add option "-F" to make mkfs non-interactive.

    yaguangtang committed Jun 5, 2012
    Change-Id: Ic8be1657dbad0cd91fdb5176f17f7b1ba034c2e0
  5. Merge changes I26d1adfd,If8a20501,I13d6d495

    Jenkins committed with openstack-gerrit Jun 5, 2012
    * changes:
      Remove volume_util.VolumeHelper class
      Remove vm_utils.VMHelper class
      Start removing unnecessary classes from XenAPI driver
  6. Merge "Finally ack consumed message"

    Jenkins committed with openstack-gerrit Jun 5, 2012
  7. Merge "Use openstack.common.cfg.CONF."

    Jenkins committed with openstack-gerrit Jun 5, 2012
  8. Finally ack consumed message

    hudayou committed Jun 5, 2012
    To avoid bad messages fill up the queue.
    Change-Id: Id57ff33cfcacf698f89fa7f1020c0c887ebe14ed
  9. Revert "blueprint <multi-process-api-service>"

    jeblair committed Jun 5, 2012
    This reverts commit e599636
    The nova test runner is leaking processes after this change.
    Change-Id: Id74463d53f3b7cd749cba293619abef01499b90d
Commits on Jun 4, 2012
  1. Use openstack-common's policy module

    Kevin L. Mitchell committed Jun 4, 2012
    Reworks nova to use the new policy module in openstack-common.
    Change-Id: Iea8651bad85f26804285616330107d9d5f23e6cb
  2. Use openstack.common.cfg.CONF.

    russellb committed Jun 1, 2012
    Part of blueprint common-rpc.
    This patch makes the rpc code use the global config object from
    openstack-common.  Based on some recent discussions on the mailing list,
    this may not be the final way configuration handling is done here, but
    it is certainly better than the register_opts() hack that is removed by
    this patch.
    Change-Id: Id128126e0bc064a2a1c710c6bd32fb3d137dc7f6
  3. bug #1006094 correct typo in addmethod.openstackapi.rst

    daisy-ycguo committed May 31, 2012
    Change-Id: Ic03996357aacb6f135b95fc1e5810066b776b980
  4. Correct use of uuid in _get_instance_volume_bdm.

    MotoKen committed Jun 1, 2012
    Fixes bug 1007267.
    Change-Id: Icc3cfbef7beabebdaba88a6f81579ae784771bd2
Commits on Jun 2, 2012
  1. Quantum Manager disassociate floating-ips on instance delete.

    Dan Wendlandt committed Jun 2, 2012
    bug #997763
    Change-Id: I4a1e6c63d2a27c361433b9150dd5ad5218578c02
Commits on Jun 1, 2012
  1. defensive coding against None inside bdm

    heckj committed Jun 1, 2012
    resolves bug 1007615
    Change-Id: If7afa4fb030b3c53a0b80737ff792e42cc4d3101
  2. Add missing import to quantum manager.

    russellb committed Jun 1, 2012
    This patch adds a missing import of rpc to the quantum manager.  rpc
    usage was added in d901b44, but the
    import was never there.
    Change-Id: Id98a7034d190338c48d7e8c787b3d152cafe6353
  3. Add a comment to rpc.queue_get_for().

    russellb committed Jun 1, 2012
    Part of blueprint common-rpc.
    Add a comment to the rpc.queue_get_for() function that notes that this
    is simply a naming convention and is dependent on how queues are set up
    on the consumer side.
    Change-Id: Ifa7d648e9b33ad2416236dc6966527c257baaf88