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icons Yeah! The build_icons finally works! Oct 24, 2009
pixmaps Add Love Wallpaper HD Oct 22, 2012
scripts convert-image script should deal with the filenames with space in it,… Sep 28, 2012
templates Remove all the autotools stuff Oct 22, 2009
ui Set a minmal width for result_view in janitorpage.ui to fix Bug #1144075 Sep 14, 2013
com.ubuntu-tweak.daemon.policy.in Different policy for different actions Jun 25, 2011
com.ubuntu-tweak.tweak.gschema.xml Fix typo: rencently->recently Jul 19, 2012
tweak.lens Start to implement the Unity Lense for Tweak Jul 19, 2012
ubuntu-tweak-daemon Fix ubuntu tweak daemon failed to start on oneric (Bug #853154) Sep 18, 2011
ubuntu-tweak-daemon.conf Fix the ubuntu-tweak-daemon dbus introspection error Jan 2, 2011
ubuntu-tweak.desktop Close to finish, just the policykit-1 and build_icons does not work Oct 24, 2009
ubuntu-tweak.desktop.in Add the Apps shortcut to desktop group Oct 12, 2012
unity-lens-ubuntu-tweak.service Start to implement the Unity Lense for Tweak Jul 19, 2012
uturl Port uturl to PyGObject 3.0 Jul 19, 2012