FlashRuntimeExtensions.swift. Example Air Native Extension written in Swift 4 for iOS, OSX and tvOS
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Example Xcode projects showing how to create AIR Native Extensions for iOS, tvOS & OSX using Swift.
It supports iOS 9.0+, tvOS 9.2+, OSX 10.10+

Xcode 9.4.1 (9F2000) must be used with Apple Swift version 4.1.2 (swiftlang-902.0.54 clang-902.0.39.2)

It is not possible to mix Swift versions in the same app. Therefore all Swift based ANEs must use the same exact version. ABI stability is planned for Swift 5 in late 2018

This project is used as the basis for the following ANEs
Google Maps ANE


Getting Started

A basic Hello World starter project is included for each target

An iOS based walkthrough video is available on Youtube

How to use

Full documentation is provided

The following table shows the primitive as3 types which can easily be converted to/from Swift types

AS3 type Swift type AS3 param->Swift return Swift->AS3
String String let str = String(argv[0]) return str.toFREObject()
int Int let i = Int(argv[0]) return i.toFREObject()
Boolean Bool let b = Bool(argv[0]) return b.toFREObject()
Number Double let dbl = Double(argv[0]) return dbl.toFREObject()
Number CGFloat let cfl = CGFloat(argv[0]) return cfl.toFREObject()
Date Date let date = Date(argv[0]) return date.toFREObject()
Rectangle CGRect let rect = CGRect(argv[0]) return rect.toFREObject()
Point CGPoint let pnt = CGPoint(argv[0]) return pnt.toFREObject()
Vector int [Int] let a = [Int](argv[0]) return a.toFREObject()
Vector Boolean [Bool] let a = [Bool](argv[0]) return a.toFREObject()
Vector Number [Double] let a = [Double](argv[0]) return a.toFREObject()
Vector String [String] let a = [String](argv[0]) return a.toFREObject()
Object [String, Any]? let dct = Dictionary.init(argv[0]) N/A
null nil return nil

Basic Types

let myString: String? = String(argv[0])
let myInt = Int(argv[1])
let myBool = Bool(argv[2])

let swiftString = "I am a string from Swift"
return swiftString.toFREObject()

Creating new FREObjects

let newPerson = try FREObject(className: "com.tuarua.Person")

// create a FREObject passing args
// The following param types are allowed: 
// String, Int, UInt, Double, Float, CGFloat, NSNumber, Bool, Date, CGRect, CGPoint, FREObject
let frePerson = FREObject(className: "com.tuarua.Person", args: "Bob", "Doe", 28, myFREObject)

Calling Methods

// call a FREObject method passing args
// The following param types are allowed: 
// String, Int, UInt, Double, Float, CGFloat, NSNumber, Bool, Date, CGRect, CGPoint, FREObject
let addition = try freCalculator.call(method: "add", args: 100, 31) {

Getting / Setting Properties

let oldAge = Int(person["age"])
let newAge = oldAge + 10

// Set property using braces access
person["age"] = (oldAge + 10).toFREObject()

// Set property using setProp
try person.setProp(name: "age", value: oldAge + 10)


let airArray: FREArray = FREArray(argv[0])
// convert to a Swift [String]
let airStringVector = [String](argv[0])

// create a Vector.<com.tuarua.Person> with fixed length of 5
let myVector = try FREArray(className: "com.tuarua.Person", length: 5, fixed: true)
let airArrayLen = airArray.length

// loop over FREArray
for fre in airArray {

// set element 0 to 123
airArray[0] = 123.toFREObject()

// return Int Array to AIR
let swiftArr: [Int] = [99, 98, 92, 97, 95]
return swiftArr.toFREObject()

Sending Events back to AIR

trace("Hi", "There")

// with interpolation
trace("My name is: \(name)")

dispatchEvent("MY_EVENT", "this is a test")


if let img = UIImage(freObject: argv[0]) {
    if let rootViewController = UIApplication.shared.keyWindow?.rootViewController {
        let imgView: UIImageView = UIImageView(image: img)
        imgView.frame = CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: img.size.width, height: img.size.height)


let asByteArray = FreByteArraySwift(freByteArray: argv[0])
if let byteData = asByteArray.value { // NSData
	let base64Encoded = byteData.base64EncodedString(options: .lineLength64Characters)

Error Handling

do {
    _ = try person.getProp(name: "doNotExist") //calling a property that doesn't exist
} catch let e as FreError {
    if let aneError = e.getError(#file, #line, #column) {
        return aneError //return the error as an actionscript error
} catch {}

Advanced Example - Extending. Convert to/from SCNVector3

public extension SCNVector3 {
    init?(_ freObject: FREObject?) {
        guard let rv = freObject else {
            return nil
        self.init(Float(rv["x"]) ?? 0,
                  Float(rv["y"]) ?? 0,
                  Float(rv["z"]) ?? 0)
    func toFREObject() -> FREObject? {
        do {
            let ret = try FREObject(className: "flash.geom.Vector3D",
                                    args: self.x, self.y, self.z)
            return ret
        } catch {
        return nil


The static library contains a predefined +(void)load method in FreMacros.h. This method can safely be declared in different ANEs. It is also called once for each ANE and very early in the launch cycle. In here the SwiftController is inited and onLoad() called. This makes an ideal place to add observers for applicationDidFinishLaunching and any other calls which would normally be added as app delegates, thus removing the restriction of one ANE declaring itself as the "owner".
Note: We have no FREContext yet so calls such as trace, sendEvent will not work.

@objc func applicationDidFinishLaunching(_ notification: Notification) {
   appDidFinishLaunchingNotif = notification //save the notification for later
func onLoad() {
            selector: #selector(applicationDidFinishLaunching),
            name: NSNotification.Name.UIApplicationDidFinishLaunching, 
            object: nil)      

Required AS3 classes

com.tuarua.fre.ANEUtils.as and com.tuarua.fre.ANEError.as are required by FreSwift and should be included in the AS3 library of your ANE


You will need

  • Xcode 9.4
  • Xcode 9.1 for iOS Simulator
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • AIR 29
  • wget