Troubleshooting FAQs

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Can I overlay flash display objects over the webView?

No. The webView is a native component which is rendered into the AIR window. It appears above the Flash display list. It is technically a separate window running it's own process.

Url does not load in iOS or OSX

Ensure you are using https urls. Apple enforces HSTS.

ADL crashes when I run on Windows

Read the wiki section carefully. Make sure you copy all the dlls into your AIRSDK bin folder.

Can I run multiple WebViews?

No. Only one instance of WebViewANE can be created and used.

However, the view can be shown and hidden when not in use via the visible setter/getter eg.

webView.visible = false;

Are multiple AIR windows supported?

No. There is no reliable way to attach the webview processes to AIR child windows.

Why can't I play some mp4s using Windows Chromium version?

H.264, the codec used with mp4, is a licensed proprietary codec from MPEG-LA.

I am not able to build and distribute the ANE without being liable to pay them a licensing fee.

You would need to recompile Chromium Embedded Framework with (appropriate flags set) from source and then apply that on top of CefSharp.

N.B. It's a very advanced task.

When I use Flex I received error Variable com.tuarua.fre :: ANEError is not defined

Flash Builder is quirky and buggy. Export a Release build before running debug.

I am not able to add the ANE(s) to my Flash builder project

Make sure you are building a Captive Runtime build. AIR packages don't support ANEs.

Is it possible to develop for Windows and use OSX to create a MAC app?

No. Use a Windows PC or install Windows on your mac.

Are Promises supported in JavaScript?


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