Extract and visualize the link structure of a wiki
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WikiGraph is a tool written in Python to extract and visualize the link structure from a collection of wiki pages. It scans a wiki, extracts links and tags, filters and prunes the resulting graph, and displays the resulting graph in an attractive manner.

Several examples generated using WikiGraph are included in the results directory e.g. this figure


WikiGraph makes several assumptions:

  1. Pages are stored at the top level of a directory with a common extension.

  2. Wiki-links are encoded using a [[name]] syntax, where name matches the linked file's basename

  3. Pages may include optional keyword metadata encoded on a header line with syntax:

    ^Tags: tag1 [, tag2 [, ..., tagN]]$

    Tags may be used to filter the wiki to produce subgraphs of a manageable size.

WikiGraph depends on matplotlib and networkx, in addition to several standard modules.


WikiGraph has many configurable parameters which are listed in uppercase in the display above. Further details are included in the program's help text, shown below

usage: wikigraph.py [-h] [--verbosity VERBOSITY] [--directory DIRECTORY]
                    [--extension EXTENSION] [--keepunknown] [--keepisolates]
                    [--numcomponents NUMCOMPONENTS] [--tags [TAGS [TAGS ...]]]
                    [--layout {mpl,circ,spec,neato,twopi,fdp,sfdp}] [--labels]
                    [--figalpha FIGALPHA] [--figdpi {72,100,200,300}]
                    [--figtype {png,pdf,ps,eps,svg}] [--output OUTPUT]

Extract and visualize the link structure of a wiki

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --verbosity VERBOSITY
                        Level of verbosity for logging
  --directory DIRECTORY
                        Directory where files containing wiki pages are stored
  --extension EXTENSION
                        Extension of files containing wiki pages
  --keepunknown         Whether to keep linked pages if no corresponding file
                        is found
  --keepisolates        Whether to keep isolated pages
  --numcomponents NUMCOMPONENTS
                        Number of largest connected components to keep (0
                        selects all)
  --tags [TAGS [TAGS ...]]
                        Tags to filter
  --alltags             If true, only returns pages that contain ALL tags
  --layout {mpl,circ,spec,neato,twopi,fdp,sfdp}
                        The layout algorithm to use (from graphviz, etc.)
  --labels              Whether to show labels in displays
  --figalpha FIGALPHA   Transparency level for figure background
  --figdpi {72,100,200,300}
                        DPI for saved figure
  --figtype {png,pdf,ps,eps,svg}
                        Type of saved figure
  --output OUTPUT       Prefix of saved figure

Additional arguments pairs are passed to the drawing routine as keyword-values
(floats assumed).


The example linked above was generated with the following command:

wikigraph.py --directory $NOTES \
             --extension txt \
             --layout sfdp \
             --labels \
             --tags Fun Family Events Exercise Health TrunkNotes Python Javascript \
             --numcomponents 1 \
             --figdpi 200 \
             node_size 80 font_size 5 width 0.5 alpha 0.7