An AMD compatible module to detect when the DOM is ready. Based on jQuery's source code.
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ondomready.min.js version 1.3.1 final! Oct 3, 2013


A function that allows you to safely initialize your code when the DOM is ready.

  • Bullet proof: Based on jQuery's ready() method (same behavior & reliability).
  • Easy to maintain: Since onDomReady is based on jQuery's implementation, whenever the jQuery team improves it onDomReady will be updated.
  • Browser support: IE6+
  • AMD compatible (anonymous module = more portable),
  • MIT license.

How to use:

// Functions passed to onDomReady will be executed as soon as the DOM is ready.

// Execute this function ASAP
onDomReady( function() {
    // Your code
} );

// Define a callback
var init = function() {
    // Your code

// Execute the init function ASAP
onDomReady( init );

// Get the version of onDomReady (string)
var version = onDomReady.version; // "1.4.0"

// Check at anytime whether DOM is ready
onDomReady.isReady(); // returns true or false (version 1.4.0+)


3 Oct 2013
Version 1.4.0: based on jQuery 1.10.x but keeping support for IE6+

13 Jun 2013
Version 1.3: based on jQuery 1.10.x but keeping support for IE6+

18 Sep 2012
Version 1.2: based on jQuery 1.8.1

11 Aug 2012
Version 1.1: based on jQuery 1.8.0

8 Apr 2012
Version 1.0: based on jQuery 1.7.2