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TubesZB Coordinators and Routers

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Information and documentation on TubeZB coordinators and routers. Pre-assembled hardware devices can be purchased from

TubeZB Coordinators work via serial over Ethernet for use with any zigbee controller project that can access and interface with a remote Serial to IP bridge/proxy server device.

This can today be used by home automation applications such as example; Home Assistant (ZHA integration) and Zigbee2MQTT.

Check out my Addon Repository

With Firmware flashing and other tools for HASSOS/Supervised users:

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the add add-on repository dialog with a specific repository URL pre-filled.

Current Products

Find latest Firmware and Source files

CC2652 Products
tubeszb-cc2652-poe-2023 CC2652P2 Radio Module + Olimex ESP32-PoE Module
tubeszb-cc2652-eth_usb CC2652P2 Radio Module + WirelessTag WT32-ETH01 ESP32 Module
pic tubeszb-router CC2652P2 Based Zigbee Router
EFR32 Products
tubeszb-efr32-MGM12-eth_usb MGM12P Radio Module + WirelessTag WT32-ETH01 ESP32 Module
BT Proxy
tubeszb-wt32-eth01-bt-kit WirelessTag WT32-ETH01 ESP32 Module with USB-C for Power/Flashing

Retired Products - Previous hardware versions

Find the latest Firmware and Source files

CC2652 Products
tubeszb-cc2652-eth CC2652P2 Radio Module + WirelessTag WT32-ETH01 ESP32 Module
tubeszb-cc2652-poe CC2652P2 Radio Module + Olimex ESP32-PoE Module
EFR32 Products
pic tubeszb-efr32-MGM112-pro1 MGM12P Radio Module + WirelessTag WT32-ETH01 ESP32 Module
tubeszb-efr32-MGM210_Series_2 MGM210 Radio Module + WirelessTag WT32-ETH01 ESP32 Module

Getting up and Running


Network Coordinators

For EFR32 Gateways see specific insturctions for config file visit product page

  1. Connect the gateway to a ethernet cable which has access you your local network.
  2. Power on the gateway with a micro usb cable and 5v 1.5 - 2 amp power supply. The link lights on the ethernet port will start blinking as it tries to negotiate a connection with your home network router.

If the Device is AutoDiscovered, click through the Config flow to add it to HA.

If not move on to the below steps.

  1. Determine the device's ip address

    **Using a Reserved or static IP Address is strongly advised. Reserve the address in the router **

  2. Configure your software to access the device.

    For HomeAssistant's Built in ZHA implementation:

    Add the ZHA Integration via the Add Integrations option:

    In the next dialog select Set up another instance of Zigbee Home Automation:

    Select the Radio type:

    For CC2652p based gateways select ZNP

    For EFR32 based gateways select EZSP

    For the Specifying the Port Specific Settings: Enter socket://ip_or_localdns_name:6638 and Port Speed of 115200 and Software Flow Control.

USB Coordinators

Coordinator should be auto disovered


For Zigbee2mqtt - Only the CC2652p based gateway is supported at this time, EFR32 may work but is not recommended

If Autodiscovered for ZHA, select to ignore the device

Network Coordinators

No need to pass any devices through to Zigbee2MQTT docker container setups. The docker containers for Zigbee2MQTT do not wrk well with mdns, so for coordinators WITH Ethernet use the ip address of the coordinator here.

Following the Zigbee2MQTT docs, you can skip to step 3.

in the Zigbee2MQTT configuration.yaml:

  port: 'tcp://IPADDRESS:6638'

USB Connected Coordinantors - NO Ethernet

If not using HAOS be sure to pass the device through to the docker container. Donig that is outside the scope of this documentation.

Find the Devices port:

For using HAOS: Settings > System > Hardware > 3 Dot menu > All Hardware


Go to the HA command line (for exmaple using this type ha hardware info and find the adapter and look for the line by_id.

It should look something like


But may not match exactly depending on the OS/System

Enter that value in the Zigbee2MQTT Addon config or configuration.yaml:

  port: '/dev/serial/by-id/usb-1a86_TubesZB_971207DO-if00-port0'


The ESP32 in the gateway runs ESPHome. Configured in ESPHome are switches in order to prep the zigbee modules for firmware updates if needed. It is Highly Advised to Ignore these entities in HomeAssistant as accidential toggling could reset the zigbee modules.

To access the ESPHome Web Interface on the gateway connect to it in your Browser via it's IP address.

Binaries and yaml configs for the devices are under the individual product pages.

Firmware update instructions are under the individual product pages.


Information and Documentation on Tube's Zigbee Gateways






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