Imagelib is a lightweight J2ME library for performing simple image manipulation tasks on the phone.
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The tube42 imagelib is a minimal image manipulation library for J2ME phones. It was initially published on my blog in a series of articles about lightweight image processing. Those posts are now found on the wiki:

Currently, the library contains functions for color operations including interpolation, blending and RGB/YCbCr conversion, image operations including resizing, blending, filtering and pixel modifiers and some simple image analysis functions.

Great, but what is it for?

You can for example use the imagelib to

  • dynamically resize your graphics, depending on the detected screen size
  • create a "retro effect" application

What is it NOT good for?

  • J2ME is slow and so are most J2ME phones. Given that image processing is very CPU intensive, this library is NOT suitable for real-time effects and such.


The source code contains a MIDlet sample project that demonstrates many aspects of the library. The following images were generated by the sample project running on a phone: