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Crypto ticker PRO StreamDeck plugin

Crypto ticker PRO is a plugin to watch crypto and stock rates. Crypto rates are provided by Bitfinex, Binance in real time and Stocks are provided by Yahoo Finance every 15mins.


  • Code written in pure JavaScript
  • Cross-platform (macOS, Windows)
  • All Bitfinex and Binance pairs are supported (~1500 pairs); All Yahoo Finance stocks are supported.
  • Real time updates of the ticker (WebSocket connection)
  • A bar shows where the current value sits within daily low/high (ie is it up or down)
  • Allows setting a multiplier and number of digits (eg. for very small or big values)
  • Clicking the button shows the candlebar view (customizable interval)
  • Can set up custom alerts depending on the value
  • Can customize fonts, colors, which info to display, etc.
  • Fully open source!


In the Release folder, you can find the file com.courcelle.cryptoticker.streamDeckPlugin. If you double-click this file on your machine, Stream Deck will install the plugin.

Source code

The Sources folder contains the source code of the plugin.

  • Change the version of the plugin in Sources\com.courcelle.cryptoticker.sdPlugin\manifest.json;
  • Build the package for distribution by running DistributionToolWindows/DistributionTool.exe -b -i Sources/com.courcelle.cryptoticker.sdPlugin -o Release at the root of the project.