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Elasticsearch cluster status and health check are collected by Zabbix externalscript, then to visualize by Zabbix Graphs.


  • Zabbix3.2
  • Elasticsearch5.x (recommended 5.4~)


  1. Set up "2" following user macros in your Elasticsearch nodes to Zabbix Host menus.
  • {$ESIP} = The Elasticsearch node IP or DNS name.
  • {$ESPORT} = The Elasticsearch node port number.
  1. Import the template to zabbix (elasticsearch_zab.xml) and link it to your Elasticsearch nodes. Template name is "Elasticsearch Cluster"

  2. Copy the shell script ( to the Zabbix server in the externalscript directory. (e.g. /usr/lib/zabbix/externalscripts)

  3. Set a executable permission the script by using chown and chmod commands.

chown zabbix.
chmod 751
  1. Enjoy your Elasticsearch and Zabbix life!


About metrics

93 metrics are collected on Elasticsearch APIs, GET _cluster/health and GET _cluster/stats.

Read more about following links.

Cluster Health

Cluster Stats

Prediction items

Some items are used "forecast" and "timeleft". Read more about following links.