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Social Meta Tags Plugin

The Social Meta Tags Plugin is for Grav CMS.


Add all Meta Tags that need Facebook Open Graph, and Twitter Cards.



As this plugin is not yet in the Grav repository, you need to install it manually. From your plugins folder:

git clone social-meta-tags

This will clone this repository into the social-meta-tags folder.


Just enable plugin, no need edit any template. :)


Associate Twitter account

Social-Meta-Tags can use AboutMe plugin min version 1.1.4. To add/change the Twitter defined in twitter:site, edit your profile in the AboutMe plugin. However, you have possibility to link twitter:site without using AboutMe plugin.

Facebook App Id

Social-Meta-Tags is able to use Facebook Open Graph. You need generate an app_id. Without this property you'll loose admin right on the Open Graph Facebook Page.


If you think any implementation are just not the best, feel free to submit ideas and pull requests. All your comments and suggestion are welcome.