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Master thesis template for Computer Science at TU Delft
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Master Thesis Template


  1. Install the full TexLive distribution, including XeLaTeX.
  2. Install Biber.

References and Citations

This template uses Biblatex. To use a citation between parentheses, use \autocite (for one citation) or \autocites (for more than one citation). To use a citation in running text, use \textcite. Change the citation style in document.sty. See the Biblatex documentation for more information.

Manage your references using To set this up: create a new bibliography, copy the identifier (such as b0402c72-980f-6580-6b0e-7a614ed2d64c-master-thesis) from the URL, and paste the identifier in your Makefile as the value of the RESEARCHR variable. Executing make bib will download the latest bibliography from Researchr.

Subset of pages

To create a subset of pages (for review for example), install stapler. The syntax is:

stapler sel document.pdf 6-12 16 17-22 subset.pdf


The template has the following direct package dependencies:

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