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SGBA App layer

Hi and welcome at the Crazyflie firmware app layer implementation of the Swarm Gradient Bug Algorithm (SGBA), accomendating the publication of:

K.N. McGuire, C. De Wagter, K. Tuyls, H.J. Kappen, G.C.H.E. de Croon, 'Minimal navigation solution for a swarm of tiny flying robots to explore an unknown environment' Science Robotics, 23 October 2019 DOI:

This repo will undergo several updates in the coming period, so please keep checking the status. Also if you have any questions, please use the issue list of this repository.

Build instructions

Make sure your crazyflie has the newest NRF firmware with bluetooth disabled! ( Also give your crazyflies different address with an unique ID: E7E7E701, E7E7E702, etc. and make sure they are listining all on the same channel. Maximum is until 09 for now.

Clone this repo

git clone --recurse-submodules -j8 git://

Build and flash

Make sure to do this in the directory of the applayer (this repo) and not the directory of the crazyflie firmware)

make clean
make cload


Use 2 crazyradio PAs:

  • 1 to make the crazyflies take off (python3 and land (python3 Use this as helper scripts, but make sure to close once all crazyflies has taken off.
  • 1 to act as the home beacon (python3
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