CityGML ADE for storing metadata about the 3D city models.
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CityGML 3D Metadata ADE

CityGML extension for modelling metadata related to 3D city models. This ADE contains ISO 19115 compliant elements dervied from the Metadata for the discovery of geographic datasets and series table (Table F.1 in the ISO 19115:2014 documentation). This ADE also contains 3D specific information such as the levels of details, thematic models, semantics, textures, materials and process of model aquisition.


The UML model of the 3D Metadata ADE was created using Enterprise Architect.

The XML Schema file and codelists of the 3D Metadata ADE were derived automatically from the UML model using ShapeChange(

  • This is the derived XML Schema file for 3DMD ADE.
  • Browsable schema for the ADE can be accessed here.
  • Codelists can be accessed here Codelists.

More information

OGC CityGML is an XML based data model for the storage and exchange of virtual 3D city models. It is implemented an application schema of GML3 Geography Markup Language version 3.1.1 (GML3). The data model of CityGML comprises of a core module and several thematic extension modules like Building, Relief, Bridge, LandUse, Tunnel, Transportation, Vegetation, WaterBody, etc for representing 3D city models. For more information, visit