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Web-viewer for CityJSON files
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CityJSON viewer

A simple web-viewer for CityJSON files: drag-and-drop a file, wait a few milliseconds, and you see it. That's it.

You can access it online at

Not supported (yet)

  • geometry templates (nothing will be drawn)
  • textures and material
  • loading multiple files (now if you drop a new file, the old one is removed)
  • choosing the colours, these are hard-coded for the CityJSON classes
  • querying attributes of the object


We provide a test dataset in the data folder. It is a part of the Delft in the Netherlands was automatically reconstructed with 3dfier.

Other datasets freely available on the CityJSON website.


This viewer was originally built by Freek Boersma for a Research Assignment in the Msc Geomatics at Delft University of Technology.

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