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Flask-based server for some of our geovalidation tools:

  1. val3dity
  2. prepair

These 2 should be installed and compiled, also the python scripts inside val3dity/resources/... are used (to convert GML to another format.)


First, Redis must be installed.

The recommended way to install the geovalidation server is using virtualenv and pip. Assuming you have working python (2.7.x) installation with these utilities, run these commands:

virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install git+

Edit the configuration file geovalidation.cfg for you server and export them:

export GEOVALIDATION_SETTINGS=/path/to/geovalidation.cfg

Folders to store (temporary) results and uploaded files

cd val3dity
mkdir uploads
mkdir reports
mkdir tmp

sqlite database

A small database (val3dity.sql) must be used to store the results:

sqlite3 val3dity.sqlite < schema.sql

Running the server

celery -A val3dity.celery worker

Although for production use, you should use a proper WSGI server such as gunicorn.