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tudurom's dotfiles

you are your dotfiles

A mix of style and usability, these are my dotfiles. This repo is structured in a way first-time UNIX users and ricers can understand what's going on, with explications for each directory.

Note: I made my dotfiles public for educational purposes. Instead of copying entire files or directories from here, please study them first and copy the bits you need.


I manage my dotfiles using XStow and the ./ script.

./ makes sure that there are no conflicts and ignores files and some directories like firefox and startpage.

Xstow is very similar and modeled after GNU Stow. Here's a neat article about managing your dotfiles with stow to get a better understanding on what it does.

Directory structure

Each directory contains a file structure that is going to be symlinked in $HOME, and a file with a short description about the component.