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Hand-crafted shell-based mini desktop environment

wm is not a window manager on its own, but a set of scripts and configuration files that assemble a comfortable work flow, like a status bar, window tiler (for stacking window managers), notification system and theme switcher.

Supported window managers:

WM Tiling?
bspwm Yes
herbstluftwm Yes
windowchef No


There may be more.



  • wmrc - central configuration file. Sources values from the currently selected theme.


  • changecolors - set terminal colors dynamically.
  • swtheme - change theme and update configuration files dynamically. Uses mustache templates for its magic.
  • theme_menu - show the user a nice theme menu


  • minbar - minimal status bar. Screenshot. Shows the current date, time, song and battery level.
  • notifyd - Simple FIFO-based notification daemon.
    • notifyd-musicd - notifyd module. Prints the currently playing song on status change.
    • notifyd-libnotify - libnotify bridge.


  • dmenu_wrapper - Execute dmenu with custom colors.
  • popup - Pop up a panel with some text. Used by notifyd to spawn its panels.
  • tilew - Tile windows.
  • touchpadopts - Configure touchpad driver.
  • windowat - Get the id of the first window at the given coordinates.