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Tübix website (Jekyll)
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2015 Improve the shebang lines and fix the location of May 8, 2018
2016 Add archive links to the schedule Mar 7, 2018
2017 fixed menu Apr 6, 2018
2018 Remove the link to schedule from 2018 from the main menu Apr 1, 2019
2019 2019: Update the Python script (automatic Über mich/uns) May 20, 2019
_includes footer: Add a link to the GitHub repository May 1, 2019
_posts target=_blank for external links, RSS in footer, launch-post Mar 20, 2015
_sass lpic svg May 11, 2016
css footnotesize Jun 8, 2018
images Add the WTFPL license for the awesome Tüx May 1, 2019
.gitignore 2019 schedule cleanup init exit May 18, 2019
.travis.yml html-proofer: Use very long timeouts (5/10 minutes) Apr 1, 2019 Add a custom 404 error page Feb 19, 2018
CNAME CNAME Mar 18, 2015
Gemfile update: May 20, 2015
Rakefile Rakefile: Fix the syntax for :url_ignore May 19, 2019
_config.yml Start using the consistent case style "Tübix" May 12, 2018 s/Tübix/Der Tübix/ May 1, 2019
anmeldung.tuebix.txt Update the embedded asciinema video (asciicast) May 19, 2018 Linuxtage in Tuebingen unter Downloads/Archiv statt auf Startseite May 18, 2019
favicon.ico launch Mar 18, 2015
feed.xml jekyll new Mar 18, 2015 Update the organization team for 2019 Apr 8, 2019 Linuxtage in Tuebingen unter Downloads/Archiv statt auf Startseite May 18, 2019 Update the link for 2019 and add it to the main menu Apr 27, 2019 Fix the rest of the tests and increase the timeouts Aug 3, 2018 get rid of (b)log postings in main menu May 19, 2015 LPIC in main menu May 9, 2019 Add a link to the public tuebix-news archive Mar 16, 2019
public_program.json rename for tab-completion May 22, 2015
shell.nix Add a shell.nix for Nix(OS) users Feb 19, 2018

get jekyll running

in order to contribute you'll need ruby and 'jekyll' installed: follow this guide: as soon as 'jekyll serve' works, you should be fine

clone tuebixorg

now it's time to clone: git clone

try jekyll with tuebixorg

just mess around and watch the local changes with "jekyll serve" have fun!

jekyll with github-pages

connection with github was set up along this guide:

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