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PHP wrapper for the Digital Ocean API

This is a PHP wrapper class of the Digital Ocean API. All methods are supported.

Documentation for the Digital Ocean API can be found here.

Automatically generated phpDoc live here.

Example Usage

$ocean = new \DigitalOceanApi\DigitalOcean('client_id_here','api_key_here');
$droplets = get_object_vars($ocean->getDroplets());
foreach ($droplets as $drops) {
	if (!is_array($drops)) {
		echo $i . '. Status: ' . $drops . '<br />';
	} else {
		echo $i . '. Name: ' . $drops[$x]->name . '<br />';
		echo $i . '. IP: ' . $drops[$x]->ip_address . '<br />';

The above will result in something like this:

0. Status: OK
1. Name: your-droplet-name
1. IP: your-droplet-ip