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# This example gist makes fireworks appear on the Raspberry Pi Sense Hat. This could be adapted for other LED based Raspberry Pi Hats.
from sense_hat import SenseHat
#from sense_emu import SenseHat # For running on the Sense HAT emulator. Comment out the line above and uncomment this one.
from time import sleep
from random import randint
import threading
DECAY = 0.7 # Colour decay of firework head.
SPEED = 0.1 # Speed of firework explosion.
DISPLAY_SPEED = 0.6 # Speed of firework launches.
SIZE = 4 # Size of firework head, should be between 1 and 7.
sense = SenseHat()
def firework_head(i, j, r, g, b):
# Make the firework explody bit.
# Expand 4 pixels out by SIZE across the sense hat, using DECAY to fade the firework head.
for x in range(0, SIZE):
if(i-x >= 0): sense.set_pixel(i-x, j, r, g, b)
if(j-x >= 0): sense.set_pixel(i, j-x, r, g, b)
if(i+x <= 7): sense.set_pixel(i+x, j, r, g, b)
if(j+x <= 7): sense.set_pixel(i, j+x, r, g, b)
# Tidy the head at each step.
tidy_head(i, j, x)
# Fade the head colour if requested.
r = int(r * DECAY)
g = int(g * DECAY)
b = int(b * DECAY)
def firework_tail(i, j, r, g, b):
# Make the firework fiery tail.
for x in range(7, j, -1):
sense.set_pixel(i, x, r, g, b)
# Tidy the tail once the tail has gone all the way.
tidy_tail(i, j)
def tidy_tail(i, j):
# Tidy up the tail.
for x in range(7, j, -1):
sense.set_pixel(i, x, 0, 0, 0)
def tidy_head(i, j, x):
# Tidy the head of the firework.
if(i-x >= 0): sense.set_pixel(i-x, j, 0, 0, 0)
if(j-x >= 0): sense.set_pixel(i, j-x, 0, 0, 0)
if(i+x <= 7): sense.set_pixel(i+x, j, 0, 0, 0)
if(j+x <= 7): sense.set_pixel(i, j+x, 0, 0, 0)
def firework():
# Make a firework at a random point on the sense hat.
i = randint(0, 7)
j = randint(0, 4) # Not 7 so our fireworks will always be at least halfway.
# Pick a random brightish colour for the firework. Also this allows for colour decay if using DECAY.
r = randint(100, 255)
g = randint(100, 255)
b = randint(100, 255)
# Tails will be orange, because that's what colour they are.
firework_tail(i, j, 255, 100, 0)
firework_head(i, j, r, g, b)
while True:
# Set up threading of firework so that multiple fireworks can be displayed at the same time.
thread = threading.Thread(target=firework)
# Speed of firework display.
except KeyboardInterrupt:
# Clear the sense hat when the display is over.