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AsyncAwaitForLibraryAuthors repro steps showing that complex type params are not quite working wi…
AsyncMessageHandlers enabled nuget package restore for AsyncMessageHandlers projects
AtomPubSample updated readme
AuthorizeAttributeSample added WebApiThinktectureIdentityModel sample
ComplexTypeParamActionSelection updated the ComplexTypeParamActionSelection proj for the latest WebAP…
ComplexTypeParamActionSelection2 added WebApiThinktectureIdentityModel sample
ConnegAlgorithmSample added RouteDataMapping sample to ConnegSample
ConstructControllerSeperatelySample Updated the DI configuration in the ConstructControllerSeperatelySamp…
DependencyScopeTracingDisposeBug csproj change
ElmahErrorFilterApp initial commit
HypermediaIntro added remaining old projects
KatanaOWINSample added remaining old projects
KatanaOWINWebApiSample added KatanaOWINWebApiSample
MultiTenantWebAPI added WebApiThinktectureIdentityModel sample
OAuthMessageHandler added nuget package restore for OAuthMessageHandler
PureTPLHttpClientNet40 enabled nuget package restore for PureTPLHttpClientNet40
ResourceOwnerCredentialsSample running TokenEndpointTests in-memory as well.
TCNationalIdCheckService added readme to TCNationalIdCheckService
TCSCachesInsideMessageHandlers added WebApiTracingInfo proj
TugberkUg.Web.Http bunch of stuff and added CSVMediaTypeFormatterSample
ValidationSample added ValidationSample
WebAPIODataPackage added WebAPIODataPackage proj
WebAPITracingNugetPackage added WebAPITracingNugetPackage proj
WebApiEFMultiTenantSample added WebApiEFMultiTenantSample
WebApiSafeDelegatingHandler added WebApiSafeDelegatingHandler sample
WebApiThinktectureIdentityModel enabled nuget package restore for WebApiThinktectureIdentityModel
WebApıTracingInfo added WebApiTracingInfo proj
v2 added JsonPatch sample
.gitattributes updated gitattributes file
.gitignore modified gitignore file
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