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A .NET eCommerce helper library which is specific for Turkish companies.
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#ECommerceHelper Project ECommerceHelper is a set of .NET libraries which integrates with several eCommerce utilities such as bank APIs, currency converter, etc. for online transactions.

#Download You can integrate ECommerceHelper into your .NET application through Nuget:

PM > Install-Package ECommerceHelper

You can download individual packages separately if you would like to:


PM > Install-Package ECommerceHelper.CurrencyConverter


PM > Install-Package ECommerceHelper.VirtualPOS.Garanti

#Development Workflow master branch only holds the latest stable version of the product. Navigate to dev branch in order to see latest work.

##Pull Requests & Branching Every feature must be developed under a so-called feature branch and that branch must be brached off from dev branch.

Pull Requests should be targeted to dev branch, not master! Before sending the PR, make sure you have the latest dev branch merged into you feature branch.

#License and Copyright This project licensed under MIT license.

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