Yet another blog engine which is written on KRuntime
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KLoggy - Yet Another Blog Engine

Build status

New version of Bloggy which is written on KRuntime. BLoggy is a small blog engine I use for my blog and it's working for my needs. However, the next generation, Cloud Optimized™ ASP.NET platform is approaching and this project is sort of a test area for me.


To run this project you need to have following tools installed on your machine:

  • .NET Framework 4.5 or above.
  • node.js and npm
  • Latest KRE from dev branch.
  • bower CLI
  • gulp CLI

The application currenly doesn't run on any other platforms except for Windows.

Running the Project

The project is currently have no functionality. However, you ca get the the site up and running to see a few things. First, run the following commands to get everything ready (under src/Kloggy.Web/ dir):

## restore ASP.NET vNext packages
kpm restore

// restore bower packages
bower install

// restore npm packages
npm install

// run the gulp tasks

After that, everything will be ready to be hit. You should now be able to run k web command to get the stuff up and running.

##Development Workflow master branch only holds the latest stable version of the product. Navigate to dev branch in order to see latest work.

##Pull Requests & Branching Every feature must be developed under a so-called feature branch and that branch must be brached off from dev branch.

Pull Requests should be targeted to dev branch, not master! Before sending the PR, make sure you have the latest dev branch rebased into you feature branch.

#License and Copyright This project licensed under MIT license.