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An Unprofessional Blog Engine Created With ASP.NET MVC By Tugberk Ugurlu
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MvcBloggy Project

This is an unprofessional blog engine created with ASP.NET MVC.

Getting Started

Before cloning this repository, make sure that you have SQL Server Express 2008 R2 (at least) and Visual Studio 2012 installed. If you do, you can run the .\scripts\build.ps1 -buildTarget /t:initial to build the project and initialize the database on your windows development environment.

Git Workflow

master branch only holds the latest stable version of the product. Navigate to dev branch in order to see latest work.

Pull Requests & Branching

Every feature must be developed under a so-called feature branch and that branch must be brached off from dev branch.

Pull Requests should be targeted to dev branch, not master! Before sending the PR, make sure you have the latest dev branch merged into you feature branch.

License and Copyright

This project licensed under MIT license.

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